Displays of Affection: Part 1

I can’t stop flipping through our wedding photographs.

I am so happy with them and so in love with the people in them. I love the memory of our wedding and looking back, I wouldn’t change a single thing. And for a perfectionist, that’s saying a lot.

This is the first post in a series of posts where I will be highlighting some of my favorite memories from our best day ever.

Strehlow Wedding Grandparents

I love that our precious grandparents shared this day with us. All but one of our grandparents are living–my Papaw passed away when I was younger and my Mamaw has since remarried to the special man who’s hand she is grasping so tightly (see above). Despite having dreamed of a beach wedding for as long as I can remember, Sean and I knew we needed to choose a wedding location that would be convenient for our grandest loved ones. And we are so glad that we did.


This is Louis, Sean’s paternal grandfather and the preacher man of the Strehlow family. It was wonderful having Louis be a part of the marriage ceremony, as he also married Sean’s parents. My Uncle Joel, who read scripture during the foot washing part of our ceremony, married my parents. It was neat to be able to weave these special and sentimental elements into our ceremony.


This is Lorraine, or “Mawmaw” as Sean would call her, making me promise on my life to bring Sean to South Louisiana to visit at least once every year. I’m not sure how easy that promise will be to keep, but I will do my best to come visit one of these days!


This is Pop, my maternal grandfather. He had not been feeling well in the days leading up to the wedding, and it was truly an answered prayer to have him at my wedding full of life and full of laughter.

I am so so thankful for these perfect little moments.


[Photography courtesy of Spindle Life Photography]

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